…and I’m just getting started.

It’s long past time to figure this out, and more than that, long past time to just jump in. This is my initial voyage into the wonders of blogging. Having been in the social media community for just under two years now, this should have been step #3, but I dragged my feet.

Despite what some may think, it wasn’t due to shyness or procrastination. Mere excuses? Maybe. But I was convinced I would never put finger to keyboard without a “theme,” a leading, overarching idea on which to base my blog. Lately however, I finally figured out the lightbulb might never turn on if I wait.

It was my “leap, or get off the diving board” moment.

Friends kept telling me, “just type SOMETHING, type ANYTHING. What really hit was today, when Jeff Gibbard from his Social Media Philanthropy blog said there’s nothing wrong with blogging before you know what you want to blog about. You almost HAVE to jump in before you know what you’re doing. There’s almost no other way to do it. Well…he didn’t necessarily say most of that, but the overall point was made.

I’ll figure it out, and I’m thinking I’m going to have a damn-good time doing it.


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