A Chilly Breath Between Love & Hate (With Fall)

The thing with fall is that the reality is always better than the idea. Not many things in life turn out as beautiful as that. Call me insane (that was rhetorical, by the way), but I believe summer is the absolute worst ramp-up fall could ever hope for.

Green Lake in Autumn

Talking from the viewpoint of someone sitting out on a boat  or on a local beach enjoying themselves on a beautiful summer day, fall is the ugly step-child of the four seasons. Seriously, fall got the short end of the stick when it came for the Almighty to decide the order of the four seasons. Summer is warm, humankind is happy, active, and enjoying the outdoors with no reservations. I’ll be honest, every summer I looked forward to fall like I did the beginning of the school year. I’m trying to use a word slightly less ugly than “distain.”

Until autumn actually arrives. Every single year Western Washington erupts with colors I somehow always forget about. To this day, in my opinion, there’s no urban environment more beautiful than Green Lake during the fall season. As the marketing manager at Seattle Public Theater, I used to marvel at the view out the back door of the theater to the shore of the lake. There’s nothing quite like the immense explosion of color the trees provide. Looking back on it, that’s got to be one of the main reasons I stayed there so long.

I’ll even admit the morning chill is a little more welcome than I would have imagined. Maybe it’s because I’m resigned to accept my inevitable fate with the season, but there’s a comfort in being able to sit down in front of the fire and know that once again I have defeated Mother Nature’s chill.

So I hope you can understand the dichotomy with which I deal with fall. Especially in Western Washington, summer is never long enough while the rainy (or cold) season is never too short. But in the end, fall is never as bad as you think it’s going to be. Just different.

And a whole lot more beautiful.




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