Where Will National Train Day Take You?

It’s my belief rail needs to be a BIG part of the future of travel in these great United States. Much of the popular environmental innovations getting press these days rests in automobiles, bus systems, and other smaller forms of transportation. I’m all for those changes. Rail, however, needs to be a major player in this century’s transportation reformation.

With the ability to carry large amounts of people to multiple cities across a wide swath of the country, I believe Amtrak ‘s commuter rail program needs and deserves investment in all possible areas, from upgrading of amenities including internet wi-fi and refurbished decor to possibly even federal investment in new track technologies.

May 12 is National Train Day, a perfect occasion to draw attention to an infrastructure already in place and prepared to be upgraded to 21st century standards. Let’s ride those rails!


3 thoughts on “Where Will National Train Day Take You?

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Rail service needs to be improved and promoted in this country. Hopefully as municipal light rail continues to grow, interest in long haul commuter rail will get more attention too!

    1. Thanks Jeff. My big thing is converting old school rail to high-speed rail WHERE APPROPRIATE. I fully understand we can’t finance the entire overhaul of every rail in the country at once, but core commuter routes should definitely be addressed for at least the first part of the 21st century.

      1. Good point, I would love to see investment in something other than the Northeast corridor. I understand investing where the riders are, but there has to be recognition of the possibilities of expanding convient service to other areas. 2 (fairly slow) trains a day between Seattle and Vancouver is not good enough. And there is virtually no viable rail service across the Southwest.

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