“Pin” Me Giddy

It wasn’t long ago many of us had never heard of Pinterest. Facebook had completed its dominant climb to the top, with everyone else trailing behind. All of a sudden your friends and associates begin mentioning this company called Pinterest in your Twitter or Facebook feeds. You don’t know what it’s all about, but the mentions are increasing bythe day. You check it out. You sign up. You’re addicted.

Simple concept. Through visuals, Pinterest allows me to share my life and interests in a very direct way. Through pins and category boards, the site lets me organize any way I choose. Good grief, what a time-suck. But I sure enjoy it.

And so do you. As you’ve probably heard by now, Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media network to date. It left Facebook and MySpace’s growth rate in the dust. This last week Pinterest just announced business pages are on their way. For me personally, this is the best news I could have asked for. The following, I realize, can put me out on a limb:

I believe Pinterest business pages will change not only the social media marketing industry, but marketing itself.

Just imagine – consumers log in to their Pinterest page and see Apple has released its iPhone 6 through a new board with pins and a description. With the text box below the photo, Apple can give general descriptions and upgrades to as many features as they choose. Every feature Apple wants consumers to pay attention to they can create a pin for, and all will be neatly organized inside a new iPhone 6 board.

With Pinterest’s content box below its photos, the site gives businesses the chance to feature their products and services in a visual format even Facebook, by its very nature, can’t duplicate the same way. Not only that, but it’s not hard to realize Pinterest’s potential as an eventual straight-to-purchase channel as well. You see an item, click on the image, and it provides a transaction portal in which to enter your credit card information.

Participating company sales figures prove it’s value: in a study done by online retailer Shopify, Pinterest users spend TWICE as much as Facebook users and fork over an average of $80 with each order. Place that concept in an easy-to-digest format, and you have a serious game-changer at your fingertips.

Pinterest’s rise from startup to niche site to the proven and practical social media artery we all know today is meteoric. It’s not a stretch to imagine Pinterest’s creation of business pages will grow to be a huge piece of every large and small company’s social media marketing program.


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