#SeaSocialMen Swings Away With Hotel 1000

When Travis Wals told us he scored our next #SeaSocialMen event at the luxe Hotel 1000, I figured BOKA Restaurant would be a killer spot for catching up with my Seattle friends. Clearly, Travis had an ace in his sleeve; he set up a night of golf in Hotel 1000’s virtual golf course with all the beer, wine, and grub a group of hungry and thirsty guys could ask. In short, Travis threw down a royal flush.

#SeaSocialMen, pictured left to right: @MikeBarbre, @SethAYates, @RyanInTheUS, @TravisWals, @NorthSlope (Josh Rogers), @MissingSonics (David Nelson), @HughL (Hugh Lee). Not pictured, @DavidKlayton (David Yousling)
What a set-up. After catching up with the fellas, I grab a beer from one of the three iced buckets and survey the scene in front of me – two separate virtual golf tees with the ability to transport you to 50 of the world’s greatest courses. Using a state-of-the-art infrared tracking system with over 680 sensors, the system doesn’t miss a thing and its location was spot-on.

With beer there must also come food. I wish I had asked what the names were for the hors d’oeuvre we devoured because the spread deserves serious mention and glorification. Along with the seasoned string fries and grilled and seasoned chicken on a stick, I can only describe the third as “cheese and pepper pot stickers,” aka “Heaven.” Crazy addictive, these items did NOT last long with this group. Bite into the stickers and the soft texture gives way to the delectable taste of melted cheese and hot peppers. The urge to go after those pot stickers with a vengeance was undeniable. Hotel 1000 knows what’s up, and it’s pot stickers.

Close second? A killer wine selection. The ladies managed to herd us into the nicely situated wine cellar for a quick presentation and a wine and cheese tasting.

Though my play in virtual golf was far from stellar, it was a standout night once again for #SeaSocialMen. Top to bottom, we wanted for nothing and enjoyed first-rate amenities. One of the most forward-thinking hotels in the Pacific Northwest, Hotel 1000 is always looking for the latest and up-to-date amenities so their guests have the best experience possible. I mean, seriously, click here and take a look at their technological and environmentally sustainable features. Ridiculous.

Of course, the quality of your virtual golf backswing is up to you.


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