Seattle Food Truck Fortunes

It’s like a culinary treasure hunt through the heart of your city. A temporary island of goodness in a space there normally is not.

The food truck revolution has been going for a while and it’s obvious pop culture has taken notice. Do a search for food truck resources for Seattle alone and it includes,, and a host of food truck event sites and blogs like,

Driving into downtown Seattle from West Seattle towards the end of the primary outdoor food truck season, I’m nearly eating the leather off my steering wheel. I was so hungry. Spying the ultra-recognizable gray “pig” that is Maximus/Minimus on wheels at 8th & Blanchard, I barely acquired the correct parking change needed for the meter before ordering the “MAXimus“, their popular spicy pulled pork sandwich with a side of cole slaw. Yeah, I like spicy. Paired with a nice cold bottle of Coke, all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the city skyline with the  Space Needle staring me right in the face. With friendly Chelsea dialing my order into her mobile ordering device, I was impressed with the ease of it all. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised; this is how the world works these days.

Couldn't have been a better day for a "spicy savory" pulled pork "Maximus" at Maximus/Minimus.
Couldn’t have been a better day for a “spicy savory” pulled pork “Maximus”.

It is the new (and old) way of delivering easy and delicious food to the masses. It’s a fine escape for people like me who enjoy traveling to different neighborhoods of Seattle to experience the fun cuisine these food trucks offer. And I was really surprised how many there are. The aforementioned Maximus/Minimus (aka “The Pig”), the popular Marination Mobile, Snout & Co., Skillet, and Where Ya At are merely a few of the endless number of trucks throwing the goodness around the central Puget Sound region these days. Apparently we can’t get enough.

Food trucks are a great alternative to the usual sit-down, take your time restaurants we all know and love. Having taken advantage of today’s social media channels, trucks are able to let their fans know where in Seattle they’ll be setting up that day. That also lends itself to foodies in that particular area to get a healthy sampling of what each particular truck has to offer.

With the number of food permits, licensing certifications, and the overall investment it takes to create and operate a food truck business, it HAS to be a exercise in patience. At the same time, I can only imagine the fulfillment that comes out of owning your own food truck business. The freedom is in everything you do; the joy in making your own decisions and taking that risk of succeeding or failing on your own terms. I’m very happy for those who have taken up that challenge, both for themselves and for those of us who flock to the truck window whenever we have a chance! Happy food truck stalking!


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