My Dad, The Vietnam War Draft, and Not Being Afraid

A very powerful post. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Surfer Stoke Project

Someone once said, “All man’s problems stem from him not being able to sit alone by himself in a room.”  But he or she should have included docks and decks, cars and airplanes, gas stations and mini-malls.

My Dad watched his family’s gray box breathlessly as the regularly scheduled program was interrupted by a CBS News Special Report.

I watched the footage of the first draft for the Vietnam War on YouTube, and I thought “Bingo with teeth.”  I can’t imagine how my Dad felt when the Congressman plucked September 14th from the 366 blue plastic capsules.  My Dad’s birthday, October 24th, was in that glass container somewhere, as was my parents’ wedding anniversary (October 25th).  Fates and dates in little pills.  When September 14th was called, everyone, including my Dad, thought my Dad going to Vietnam was a sure thing.

As my Dad turned the knob on the TV…

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