Why Talent is Only Part of the Equation

Something just clicked with me when I watched Nike‘s latest “ad” featuring Cristiano Ronaldo. Next to Lionel Messi, Ronaldo is by all accounts the best soccer/football player on the planet. But what did it take to make that happen? The prevailing thought is Cristiano by nature possessed the inherent, God-given physical tools to make it possible to reach the elite.

Here’s the deal — success and fulfilling that kind of potential depends on so much more than that. All the great athletes — Ali, Jordan, et al. have stories of not simply relying on talent to achieve their dreams. They knew their natural abilities were merely a gateway to the true challenge — working with all their might, making that sacrifice, to do the tasks and take the risks others wouldn’t to achieve the results they never could.

In the ad above, you saw that after “the switch” Charlie now had the physical tools to reach the big time, but he still needed the “want to”, the drive to make it happen. Not everyone has that next gear, the work ethic needed in order to make the possible a reality.

As great as that example was, Ronaldo’s switch is the biggest lesson. He had everything — the physical gifts to be the best. After the switch, he was back to square one. What did he do? He ratcheted up again, accepted the challenge, and fulfilled the maximum of his new body and mind. That’s the lesson; the difference isn’t in the body, it’s between the ears.

Are you doubting your capability to get to where you want to go and fulfill what you want? If so, this video is a great example that you CAN DO IT. It just depends on how far you’re willing to go, how much you’re willing to sacrifice, and what you’re willing to DO to realize (surpass?) the full scope of your dreams. At 41, I know for a fact the best of Mike Barbre has yet to be seen.

What about you?


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